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How to Buy at best book centre

How to Buy

How to Buy Books 

1. Create a new User account - Being a new user at, you need to have a user account with us. A new user account can be created through a link "Register" shown on the top right corner of each page.

2. If you already have an account, just log-in to your account through "Login" link given on the top right corner of each page.

3. You may search desired books through search bar given at the top middle side of each page. You can also browse the books by category by clicking on a category of choice; alternatively you can browse by, New Arrival, Offers, Popular Books and Rare Books tabs on top.

4. After selecting the desired book, press the button "Add to Cart" 

   * View Cart - You can see the books added to your cart anytime through the link "My Cart" given on the top right corner of each page. It shows “my shopping Cart page”

   * If you wish to delete any book from your cart, just press "Remove" button – in “my shopping cart page”

   * You may also edit the quantity of any book from this page. Just change the quantity and press enter to update your cart.

   * In addition to the price of book you have purchased, we will add shipping cost to it, based on the state and country address you have mentioned. The Total Amount payable by you is shown on the screen. 

   * For make the Payment - the following payment options is available:

• EBS Payment 

   * Check Out – When you are done shopping. Please check your selected books and quantity in  "My Shopping Cart" page and the total amount payable by you, now you can proceed to complete your order by pressing "Order Now" button.

   * You will then get a confirmation mail from our side about the order placed by you. 

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